After many years of being involved in the background at Chow-Pe's Shar-Pei (since 1994), we decided to take over the kennel and the kennelname and make a fresh new start per January 1st, 2008. We have been hocked on this wonderful breed since 1992, when we puchased our first Shar-Pei. We are affiliated with the Dutch Shar-Pei Club and thus shall we comply to all procedures of the Dutch Shar-Pei Club. All our Shar-Pei will be registered at the Dutch Shar-Pei Club. We are also registered with the Dutch Kennelclub and the FCI.

We are pure fanciers of this wonderful breed. Our dogs will be imported from the United States, besides Chevy whom is a American with an Icelandic passport. Preparatory to the import of our dogs lots of time and energy has been spent in research for healthy bloodlines and the right & correct type of Shar-Pei. Our goal is to have a litter of quality Shar-Pei pups in the near future out of healthy bloodlines and with an overwhelming personality. Beauty is of secondary importance to us.

Yet our Shar-Pei's have proven themselves in the showring. We have finished the Dutch Championship title on several of our Shar-Pei's and even bred two, namely:

BISS Dutch Champion Chow-Pe's Sunrise Jubilee JW'99 CW'99, and
BISS Dutch Champion Chow-Pe's Before Sunrise CW'00.

Both girls have won the Dutch Nationals in respectively 1999 and 2000 and herewith they have both earned the title "Clubwinner". This is unique in the history of the Dutch Shar-Pei Club! We are naturally very proud of these wonderful results of both girls., yet most important is that both girls are nowadays 11 years and still healthy, happy and loved!!!

We hope that you will enjoy visiting our website and off course we would like it when you leave a message in our guestbook.

Fondly, Jerry Kok